Our Legacy

Who We Are

At Montana Legacy Ranch, we see ourselves as stewards of our 53,000 acres of pristine Montana pasture. We’re proud to be a family business committed to doing what’s right for our cattle, the environment, and you. On our ranch, our cattle aren’t just a product, they’re a key part of our regenerative approach to agriculture. Just like the land, we treat them with the respect they deserve.

When you order from Montana Legacy Ranch, you can count on 100% organic and grass-fed beef, raised on sustainable, chemical-free Montana pastures.



Ty O'Connor, a Plevna, Montana native and former Montana State University football standout, earned the prestigious All-American Award while playing defensive left tackle. Armed with a Bachelor's in Agriculture Operations Technology, Ty purchased a ranch in Powederville, Eastern Montana. A champion of regenerative agriculture, Ty's innovative approach transforms and preserves the land at Montana Legacy Ranch. Sarina O'Connor, hailing from Bridgeport, Nebraska, brings equine expertise with degrees in Equine Science and Training, and Business. After managing her own training facility in Spearfish, South Dakota, and overseeing a feedlot in Fruitdale, Sarina joined Ty in Ekalaka, Montana. Together, they drive the regenerative agriculture vision at Montana Legacy Ranch.